N.K. Systems Info

N.K. Systems is a professionally managed company promoted by an eminent group of technical educationists having expertise in Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science & Engineering areas.During a span of eight years it has developed several state of art equipments used in Engineering Colleges. The conventional equipments used in Fluid Mechanics/Machine, Heat and Mass Transfer, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Unit operation, Reaction Engineering, Fluidisation Engineering, Process Control and Bio-Technology have a synergetic and aesthetic design concept which gives them sturdiness in both form inside as well as outside. Strict quality control is maintained at all stages of design and fabrication resulting in near zero breakdown and least maintenance even under rough condition of students mishandling.

N.K. Systems has pioneered medium or low cost CNC based machines like CNC Lathe, CNC Drill which hitherto was under the domain of only very few companies. A highly rugged computer interface gives a simple user-friendly machine, which is easy to learn and explain to the students. Another innovative product Air-Conditioner Simulator has been successfully launched last year. AC simulator is capable to perform more than fifteen experiments over a single workbench.

N.K. Systems is in a position to give a total solution to all the equipments needs of an Engineering institution for the entire four-year courses of various branch.


NKS THREE PHASE FLUIDIZATION SPECIFICATIONS Gas-liquid conical distributor section Height – 320 mm Diameter at the ends – 55 and 90 mm Air sparger Orifice size – 1 mm Diameter -79 holes Calming Section Diameter – 100 mm Height – 150mm Test section Internal Diameter – 90 mmExternal Diameters – 100 mm Gas-liquid disengagement section Diameter - 300 mm Height – 250 mm Liquid reservoirs Capacity - 1000 Liters Digital Temperature Controller & Indicator Chanel – 6 Sensor - RTD Type, Operating range of gas and liquid flow rates Water flow rate –150 LPM Air flow rate - 100 LPM Heater Section: Diameter – 50 mm Length – 350mm